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How to Make Money with Photography

Vincent Nyoike
Vincent Nyoike

Did you know you can make money using your photography skills. We will provide you with practical ways on how to monetize photography. Photography can be an excellent business idea even if you do it just as a hobby. You can perfect the skill to make it a full-time source of income.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is an excellent way to make money from photography. Websites such as Shutterstock, Pixabay sell images. Businesses and websites are looking for quality images. Take photos, upload them to stock photo websites and then use appropriate keywords. You also need a license for your images. When people seek to download your images, they will pay a few dollars for them.

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Sell Photography Images

Many people are looking out to buy images for their websites and e-books. You can sell pictures online and make money through photography. Apart from individuals, companies and cafeterias also purchase images for advertisements on billboards and agencies.

Selling Print Images

People are looking for images to give out as presents or hang them on their walls. You can make a kill from selling image prints. It is simple, understand what kind of images people are looking for. Take photo shoots creatively, print the image and then attach it on a photo frame. Your image will be ready for sale. You can promote such photos online or by contacting local cafes and companies. Nonetheless, you can also open a local outlet.

Create a Blog

Blogging is an excellent way to make money from your photography skill. Through blogs, you can tell people who you are and what you do. Apart from monetizing photography, a blog will also help you earn from advertisements and writing product reviews. You can even blog about your photography experience and encourage people to venture into photography.  

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Sell e-Books

If you have a passion in photography, it will be easy to create e-book content and display pages and sell them online. It is time-consuming, but if you do it right, it will earn you good revenues. You must have high-quality images and then promote your e-book. Do a background study and understand what sells more before specializing. Understand what topics people want to understand and what questions they are asking.

Coffee Table Book

If you have specific images that you would like to display, a coffee table is a great idea. For instance, if you wish to make a display of your town or school, you can put together images. You do not necessarily have to write anything. Instead, you can display the pictures without wording. However, if you are a great writer, consider adding a text below your image. You can create a coffee table using photo editing apps. Once you have enough coffee table books,  sell them to local cafeterias or even tourist destinations.

Promote Companies

Social media has become an important marketing tool in the world today. If you are a great photographer with many online followers, a company can hire you to market their products. However, it is not advisable to work with anybody who comes along your way. Work with companies that require services similar to those that you offer. 

Attend Exhibitions, Workshops and Fairs

Check out for upcoming events within your neighborhood. It could be an agricultural show, wedding or any other occasion. This way, you can perfect your skills and choose your line of specialization like wedding photography. Print some of your images and display them in the event. If possible, have printed pictures that are related to the event. Apart from selling your images, you will also be showcasing your skills and attracting potential customers for a future date.

Social Media

Social media platforms have become useful in marketing and selling. Create social media platforms for your photography business. Upload the most creative and high-quality images. Potential customers will see your work through social media, and they will contact you if they need your services. This way, you can reach a broader market and gaining online followers at the same time.

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To sum up, if you consider the above photography monetization strategies, you will reap a lot. But first, evaluate which is the most appropriate monetization strategy for your business. Start working on the plan and give it time. "Patience pays." You might not start seeing the benefits immediately, but with time, you will.