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How to Monetize Animation and Gaming

Animation and gaming industries are among the most paying virtual sectors. You can monetize gaming and animation if you spend much time on your phone and computer. It is to the advantage of animators and game creators. They can promote games and films and reach out to many people.

Tops Ways to Monetize Animation and Gaming 

The following are creative ways to monetize animation and gaming. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one excellent method of monetizing animation and gaming. If you want your game or film to generate substantial revenue, you need to pay a commission fee for the affiliates. Their services can give your film or game the popularity it needs.

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Pre-Rolls and In-App Purchases

Using pre-rolls and in-app purchases is another way animators make money. When playing video games, skippable pre-roll ads are used to show players video advertisements that last between 10 to 15 seconds. Pre-roll ads grab the player's attention and play a huge role in brand recognition and brand recall. If you want to get the desired results, make your advertisement short. Sitting through long commercials is boring.

As a game creator, you can offer a free game with in-app purchases. Games can be acquired without buying. However, you can provide players with in-game bonuses or currency for real money. This can include better weapons and the refilling of energy for better performance. Thousands of your customers need to download the game to make in-app purchases effective. If many people play your game, there is a high chance that someone will pay for IAPS.

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Online Network Sites

Online networks are increasingly becoming popular tools for monetizing videos and preventing the stealing of material. Examples of great network sites to use in creating revenue for your video content include:

  • AwesomenessTV. It is made up of thousands of video creators who use the network's community of influencers to build up their brands. 
  • Fullscreen. It offers brands a promotional service that combines organic distribution and media to connect with their target audience.


Advertisements help game creators to earn passive income. You can sign up with companies that advertise and allow them to show adverts that will help your game go viral. An excellent company you can sign with is LeadBolt.  When people start sharing and downloading your game, money starts streaming in. You can then split your earnings with the advertising company.

Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise is another way to monetize animation and gaming. This method works best for popular games and films. You can sell t-shirts, lunch boxes, caps, school bags, phone cases, and even books with your game or film brand printed on them.  Your fans are likely to buy these items. When schoolchildren carry their bags to school, the game is expected to gain popularity among other kids.

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SMS Marketing

Marketing by text message is a popular method of marketing a new game. Since many people spend much time on their phones, you can take advantage and send out messages, promotional materials, and coupons to your customers. If your target group supports you, sending them surveys to complete will not be an issue since they will be willing to do it.

Paid Membership Sites

Creating paid membership sites for access to your video content or short films is an effective way to make money through animation and gaming. This method helps to build an online community of fans who will pay to access your videos. Creating membership sites also helps you to retain your customers and maintain revenue flow. You will need to maintain your membership site by creating and publishing your content regularly.  

YouTube Channels

Videos often require longer production time. The largest animation channels on YouTube can produce an average of one video per month. If you want to succeed on YouTube in maintaining a steady stream of revenue, create a schedule. You can stay on track with your uploads. If you can create one video every month, it will be best to post the video on the same day. This will give subscribers something to look forward to. Ensure that your games or animations are exceptional. This will help you to get many views and likes that may transform to cash.

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Adding subscription features to apps and games is an excellent way to increase your revenue. Subscription models have been implemented in great games such as Dark Age of Camelot, EverQuest, and World of Warcraft, and the producers are making huge money. To maximize your profits, you need to include outstanding features and benefits for the subscribers.


Crowdfunding is one excellent way to monetize gaming. You need to add a donate button on your game's page through which the community will extend their support. This is where having close relationships with your supporters is essential.

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Selling Licenses

Selling licenses for the distribution of your game is another great method of monetizing animation and gaming. This is how this model works; you sell your license to a portal that will show your game on its website. The portal will be responsible for marketing its website using your game set. This is a win/win situation since your game gets the publicity it needs as the portal makes money.  In the end, both parties benefit.