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How to Get Free Food with No Money

There are many instances you can find yourself without money and you need food. Maybe you are traveling or you just don't have money to buy food. There are several ways you can get food without money. Whether you are a student, hiker, or any other, you can easily get free food.

How to Get Free Food with no Money 

In this article, we are going to highlight some easy ways on how to get food without money.

1. Use Supermarket Cashback Apps

Sometimes, but not always, supermarket cashback apps give free food. You can find some freebies on the app either at a discount or free. To get free food, you just need to download cashback apps and check eligibility criteria. Then buy the product, scan the product’s barcode or receipt and you get your cashback. You can get 100% cashback or less, but you will have saved some cash.

2. Use Cashback Sites that Give Free Takeaways

If you want to get free food, you can use cashback sites that give free takeaways. Some of these cashback sites include TopCashback and Quidco. When new customers sign up for an account, they are rewarded with a takeaway. Other companies like Domino’s and Just Eat give around $15, which can be used to cover an order.

3. Sign up for Restaurant Newsletters and Emails

Many restaurants have something free to offer when you download their app or when you sign up for an account. Once you sign up for an account, make sure to also signup for the promotional newsletter. Some of the restaurants that offer free food include KFC, GBK and Best at One. Other restaurants like McDonald's are also generous on their app. They give away Cheese Dippers, McMuffins and fries.

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4. Look for Waste Food at Supermarkets and Restaurants

There is a lot of waste food at supermarkets and restaurants that is safe for consumption and you can get it for free. You can walk into a restaurant or a supermarket and ask if they have waste food. Also, there are stores coming up that use the policy "pay as you feel". You can work in such a store in exchange for free food.

5. Become a Mystery Diner

Some restaurants use Mystery Dinners to ensure that their food and services are up to the standards. As such, they hire mystery diners to eat their food and then review it. Apart from just eating food for free, you get paid too. 

6. Use Supermarket Coupons

The other way to get free food is by using supermarket coupons. Supermarkets have coupons that offer discounts on products while other products are free. You can look for shops that stock such products and you can present your coupon. You can use coupons to get free foods like ice cream and other kinds of foods.

7. Free Food on Your Birthday

There are many restaurants that offer free food to their loyal customers on their birthdays. To get free food grabs on your birthday, you need to sign up for a restaurant’s loyalty program. When it is your birthday, they offer you free food.

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How to Get Free Food on DoorDash

You can get free food on Doordash in four simple ways. You don’t need to pay a penny to have food delivered to you.

1. Get Free Food When You Sign Up

DoorDash gives free food for new customer signups. This is a way to attract new customers. There is a lot of stuff you can get online when you sign up. You can use DoorDash's new customer promo code to get free food when you sign up. You also get DoorDash free delivery for 30 days when you sign up.

2. Invite Friends

The other way you can get free food on DoorDash is by inviting friends. You can invite friends by sharing your referrals and sending food to family and friends on credit. It is not only the referred clients who get food on credit, but also original customers.

3. Use Food Coupons

You can also use food coupons to get free food on DoorDash. After signing up, allow DoorDash to be sending your marketing emails. During holidays, DoorDash gives away food coupons to their customers and you can be a lucky customer.

4. Get DoorDash Gift Cards

You can also get DoorDash gift cards which can enable you to get free food on DoorDash. To get DoorDash gift cards, you need to participate in survey websites like Swagbucks and My Opinion. By taking participating in these surveys, you earn free points which you can then redeem for DoorDash gift cards. 

Summary of How to Get Food without Money

Above are some of the ways you can get free food. There are many restaurants and apps that offer free food like 7-Eleven, Panera Bread, Wendy’s, Krispy Kreme and Quiznos. You just need to read the eligibility criteria to get free food. Once you qualify, you can easily get free food through the above ways.

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