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How to Fill TSC TPAD Online

Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) is a system that TSC uses to supervise and monitor the curriculum implementation by teachers. It also helps teachers improve their teaching competency. Teachers must fill and submit TPAD forms online every term. In this article, I will take you through the process of filling and submitting TSC TPAD online.

How to Fill TSC TPAD Online

So that you can fill and submit TPAD forms, your account needs to have an activate account. TSC accounts are activated by Sub-County Director or the school head teacher. You must also be a registered teacher and have a TSC number. If you have an activate account, this is how you can fill TSC TPAD online.  

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Step 1: Logging in

  • Login to your TPAD account through:
  • Enter TSC Number, ID Number and then enter your TSC Number as a password

Step 2: Creating a new appraisal

  • Click “Self Appraisals” and then click on “Self Assessment”
  • Then click “Create New Appraisal”
  • Select the Year and Term under appraisal
  • In the eligibility field, select “On Duty”
  • Then click “Save Appraisal”
  • A new pop-up window will show with the message “assessment details added successfully.”
  • Click “Ok”

If you select “Not on duty” in the eligibility field, a drop list will appear with “give reasons”. Select the reasons that apply in your case. 

Once you have added the assessment details, an appraisal will be created with details like year, term, marks, appraisal status and percentage of completion.

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Step 3: Proceed to appraisal

At this point, the appraisee can start updating the assessment by adding appraisal ratings, updating learners’ progress, view lesson attendance. You need to fill the appraisal without to a complete for successful submission. Make sure to save every assessment area once you have completed filling in. 

You need to update three assessment areas. These are “Teaching Standards”, “Learners Progress” and “Lesson Attendance”.

1. Click on “Update Standard” that is next to Teaching Standards

2. In the new window, click “Choose Standard” and a drop-down list will appear with standards by the institution

3. Select the institution type that applies to you and then click “Proceed to Standards”

4. A new window will open. You can download an excel file you can fill offline

5. To proceed with online appraisal, click “New Rating” and an interface with targets will appear. From here, you can proceed and fill in all the targets.

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Summary of How to Fill TSC TPAD Online

The above is a step by step procedure on how to fill TSC TPAD online. You are required to appraise yourself once every term. You need to do this before the system closes. Secondary school and primary school teachers are expected to fill TSC TPAD online.

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