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Highest YouTube Earners in Kenya

YouTube is one of the platforms that many Kenyans are using to make millions. Some of the top YouTube earners in Kenya include Sauti Sol and Bahati. To start making money on YouTube, you need to have interesting content that viewers can enjoy watching. You also need at least 4,000 hours of watch time and at least 1,000 subscribers. With that, you can start running ads on your YouTube channel. 

You can make money on YouTube through partnerships with brands, or running ads on your channel. Google AdSense is the common ad network used to pay content creators on YouTube.

Most Paid Youtubers in Kenya

The following are some of the top earners on YouTube in Kenya.

1. Sauti Sol

Who is the highest paid Youtuber in Kenya? Sauti Sol is a music group and richest YouTuber in Kenya. Their YouTube channel is one of the highest-earning channels in Kenya. It has over 770,000 subscribers with over 160 videos. Sauti Sol earns around Ksh 4.5 million per month from the channel. The content of the channel is mainly focused on their music. You can find Sauti Sol songs on the channel.

2. Bahati

Kevin Mbuvi aka Bahati is a Kenyan gospel artist. He is among the richest YouTubers in kenya. His YouTube channel has over 740,000 subscribers and over 240 videos. Much of his content revolves around music and family life.

The huge following on YouTube allows him to make good money on YouTube. He also gets an extra income from partnerships with brands. 

3. Henry Desagu

Henry Desagu is a renowned Kenyan YouTuber. He is one of the richest Kenyan YouTubers. His YouTube channel has over 590,000 subscribers and over 350 videos. 

Much of his content portrays the life of most Kenyan youths and the struggles they go through. He also partners with giant brands and is involved in their advertisement, providing him with an extra income.

4. Njugush

Timothy Njuguna aka Njugush is a top YouTube earner in Kenya. He has over 515,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His videos have accumulated over 65 million views.

His huge following on YouTube has helped him land endorsements and partnerships with big brands like Safaricom, KFC and many others. His videos mainly portray the humor in the lives of Kenyans. He also collaborates with some Kenyan celebrities in videos.

5. Jalango

Jalango is a Kenyan radio presenter and comedian who owns Jalango Tv Channel. He is among the highest YouTube earners in Kenya. Jalango revealed that he makes over Ksh 4 million per month from his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has over 446,000 subscribers with over 387 videos. 

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6. Flaqo Raz

Flaqo Raz is a Kenyan comedian with a huge following on YouTube that generates good revenues. He is a funny and creative comedian whose videos mainly portray the Kenyan family life in a humorous way.

His YouTube channel has over 419,000 subscribers and 120 videos. His videos have attracted over 5 million views giving him meaningful income. This has allowed him to get endorsements from big brands like Bidco.

7. Crazy Kennar

Crazy Kennar is one of the funniest Kenyan comedians. His content display the humor in the day-to-day life of most Kenyans. He is one of the upcoming Kenyan comedians and is making good money from his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has over 340,000 subscribers with over 270 videos. 

8. Eve Mungai

Eve Mungai is a young Kenyan YouTuber who is earning a lot on the platform. She runs her YouTube channel alongside her boyfriend Trevor who is her Director. The couple revealed that they make Ksh 1.5 million per month from their YouTube channel.

In a bad month, they make Ksh 700k.  Their YouTube channel has over 632,000 subscribers and over 650 videos. Their content mainly focus on interviewing celebrities. She started her YouTube Channel in January 2020. 

9. Maxine Wabosha

Maxine Wabosha is among the highest earning YouTubers. She is young, smart and outgoing. She is an Economics graduate from the University of Nairobi. Her content is mainly focused on fashion, make-up, travel and skincare.

Her YouTube channel has over 210,000 subscribers and 330 videos with over 14 million views. Her YouTube videos have landed her deals and partnerships with big brands like Nivea and KFC.

 10. Joanna Kinuthia

Joanna Kinuthia is a Kenyan vlogger with an interest in beauty and skincare. She has a channel where much of her content is about how to apply makeup and travel. She makes good money from the channel that has over 140,000 subscribers.  

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Summary of Highest Paid YouTubers in Kenya 

YouTube is a great platform you can use to make money online. To get started, you need to identify an area you want to focus on. Then after that, you can start creating content. You can monetize your YouTube channel through Google AdSense or through partnerships with brands.

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