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Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria and their Salary

With the rising cost of living in Nigeria, people are in search of high paying jobs so that they can live a dignified life. That said, it is good to know the right career path to follow early in life so you can attain the necessary skills and expertise. Most of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria often require formal education, technical expertise, experience, and creative skills.

List of Highest Paid Jobs in Nigeria

The following are some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria and their salary. However, these salaries vary from one company to the other.

1. Surgeons

Salary: N400, 000 - N2, 500, 000 per month

Which job is the highest paid in Nigeria? Surgeons are among the highest paid professions in Nigeria due to the critical nature of their jobs. This job involves high risk and any small mistake can lead to the loss of life. Surgeons treat diseases, ailments, or defects via operative methods, or injuries. They also diagnosis patients and provide them with postoperative care after a surgery. You need extensive knowledge before you become a qualified surgeon. Once you obtain the relevant qualifications, you can work in any hospital in the country.

2. Chartered Accountants

Salary: N150, 000 - N1, 550, 000 per month

Accountants in Nigeria are usually employed by mega companies and government institutions. They are charged with the task of handling accounts. To become a Chartered Accountant in Nigeria, you need to obtain a professional certificate from ACCS, CIMA, ICAN, or other professional organizations.

3. Sailors

Salary: N220, 000 - N1, 400, 000 per month

Sailors are another group of highest paid professionals in Nigeria. They work on big hauler ships, traveler boats, and tankers by helping with the activities and administration of these vessels. If you want to become a sailor in Nigeria, you will need to seek admission into the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, or any accredited private maritime institution in the country.

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4. Medical Doctors

Salary: N180, 000 - N1, 500, 000 per month

A doctor is a medical practitioner that applies procedures of medicine to prevent, diagnose, care for, and treat patients to maintain physical and mental health. To become a doctor in Nigeria, you must study medicine at any accredited university in Nigeria for 6 years, do a year of horsemanship and be inducted.

5. Aircraft Pilots

Salary: N500, 000 - N3, 000, 000 per month

Pilots control the flight of an aircraft.  They fly and navigate cargo planes, helicopters, airplanes, and other types of aircraft. To become a pilot, you need to seek admission in any of the Federal Aviation Authority approved aviation schools to gain the necessary knowledge to fly aircrafts. Entry level pilots in Nigeria are paid between N200, 000 to N500, 000 per month.

6. Lecturers/College Professors

Salary: N300, 000 - N1, 000, 000 per month

Lecturers are among the highest paid professionals in Nigeria. They are deemed one of the most important groups of professionals since they pass on knowledge to their students. A college professor’s salary ranges between N300, 000 to N1, 000, 000 per month.

7. Telecommunications Engineers

Salary: N220, 000 - N1, 200, 000 per month

The telecommunications industry is among the fastest growing industries in Nigeria, making Telecommunication Engineers highly sought after professionals. Telecoms engineers are skilled in the management of data gotten from voice calls, texts, and video calls. They also design, install, and manage telecommunications equipment to ensure a smooth flow of information. To become a telecoms engineer, you need to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills from an accredited institution.

8. Nurses

Salary: N133, 000 - N410, 000 per month

Nursing jobs are suitable for people who are observant, communicative, caring, empathetic, and open-minded. Nurses typically work in specialist hospitals, public health institutions, teaching hospitals, and private practice. They help in recording medical history and symptoms, monitoring patient health, giving care to patients, and administering medications and treatments. To become a nurse in Nigeria, you need to attend a nursing school for 3 years or a university for 5 years to earn a degree in Nursing and Midwifery.

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9. Lawyers

Salary: N150, 000 - N1, 330, 000 per month

A lawyer provides legal advice and assistance, acts as a prosecutor or defense attorney in court, or prepares legal documents such as wills and contracts. Nigerian lawyers earn good salaries. However, to earn massively, you must be an experienced and successful lawyer that helps clients win cases. To become a lawyer in Nigeria, you must have a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from a recognized institution (course runs for 5years). After, you will need to spend a year at the Nigerian law school before you become a certified member of the Nigerian bar.

10. Software Engineers

Salary: N250, 000 - N1, 600, 000 per month

A software engineering job is highly lucrative in Nigeria. To become a Software Engineer in Nigeria, you must complete and obtain a certificate in computer engineering from a recognized institution.

11. Petroleum Engineers

Salary: N200, 000 - N1, 000, 000 per month

Highly qualified petroleum engineers in Nigeria are also paid massively. You will need to undergo a five-year course from an accredited institution to acquire appropriate certification to become a petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth's surface.

12. IT Security Analyst/Ethical Hackers

Salary: N145, 000 - N600, 000 per month

With the ever growing technology globally, IT security experts will always be in high demand. These experts have a wide range of roles in the industry including maintaining online security and developing computer software.

Summary of the Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

A significant number of Nigerians earn a decent income from their fields of expertise. Being quite lucrative, most of these jobs are pretty much competitive. You will need to have years of experience and skills to secure such jobs. Ultimately, they are well paying jobs in Nigeria.

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