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Best Paying Companies in South Africa

With the high standards of living in South Africa, employees are looking for jobs in best paying companies. On the other hand, companies are willing to pay high salaries to skilled and experienced staff. Some of the high paying sectors in South Africa include ICT, Engineering, Medical & Health, Management, Finance and Accounting, Legal, Manufacturing and Assembly, and Architecture.

Highest Paying Companies in South Africa  

The following are some of the highest paying companies in South Africa.

1. Sentech

Sentech Limited is a State-Owned Enterprise that operates in the broadcast signal distribution and telecommunications sector in South Africa. Sentech is licensed to provide Electronic Communications Network Services (ECNS) and Electronic Communications Services (ECS) services. Sentechis one of the highest paying companies in South Africa paying its employees an average of R619, 370 per year.


The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is a regulatory body of the government of South Africa established to regulate the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors. It is among the best paying institutions in South Africa. ICASEA functions under the Department of Communications (DoC). ICASA employees enjoy high salaries of R612, 147 per year on average.

3. Broadband Infraco SOC

Broadband InfracoSOC is a well paying state-owned company that provides long-distance national and international network connectivity to licensed private sector partners and underserviced areas. The company aims to expand the availability and affordability of access to electronic communication networks and services. Broadband employees receive an average pay of R608, 906 per year.

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4. South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is one of the largest state-owned and well paying enterprises in South Africa. SABC is a public broadcaster providing 19 radio stations and 6 television broadcasts to the public. SABC employees are paid an average of R586, 370 per year.

5. Eskom

Eskom is South Africa’s number one electricity producer, generating approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa. It is also among the highest paying corporations in South Africa. It operates a number of power stations including Kusile Power Station, Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, Kendal Power Station, Matimba Power Station, and Medupi Power Station. Employees are paid an average salary of R428, 000 per year which translates to about R36, 000 per month.

6. Standard Bank

Standard Bank is a major bank with the biggest lender by assets in South Africa. It is one of the best paying banks in South Africa. Its headquarters are located in Simmonds Street, Johannesburg. It offers several services and products including wealth management, investment banking, insurance, foreign currency exchange, private banking, consumer banking, commercial banking, and investment banking. The average salary in Standard Bank is R425, 000 per year.

7. Bain &Company

Bain & Company is a management consultancy that provides advice to public, private, and non-profit organizations. It is said to be one of the best places to work and it offers a wide range of career options. It also one of the well paying companies in South Africa. The average salary is R418, 000 per year, which is around R35, 000 per month.

8. Nestle South Africa

Nestle is a multinational food and drinks processing corporation believed to be the largest food company in the world. It is involved in manufacturing and distribution of food and beverage products. It produces chocolate, coffee, cereals, ice cream and dairy. Nestle’s employees earn an average salary of R415, 000 per year, about R35, 000 per month.

9. First National Bank

First National Bank (FNB) is among the largest banks in South Africa. It is listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange under the symbol FNBB. FNB employees in South Africa are among the highest paid in the country with an average monthly salary of R34, 000, translating to R405,000 per year.

10. Accenture

Accenture is an Irish-based multinational company that provides consulting and IT services to its clients. It operates in 5 divisions: Strategy, Consulting, Technology, Interactive, and Operations. It is a high paying institution in South Africa. The average salary of an Accenture employee in South Africa is R399, 000 per year, which is about R33, 000 per month.

11. Vodacom South Africa

Vodacom is a mobile telecommunications company providing data, voice, and messaging services to over 55 million customers in Africa. The company also operates in Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Angola. It pays its employees high salaries with an average of  R392, 000 annually, translating to about R33, 000 per month.

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12. Sasol

Sasol is an energy and chemical company based in Sandton, South Africa. It is a well paying company ad offers its employees many benefits. It develops and commercializes technologies (including synthetic fuels technologies) and produces different liquid fuels, electricity, and chemicals. Sasol employees are paid an average salary of R390, 000 per year, which is about R33, 000 per month.

Summary of Top Paying Companies in South Africa  

The above are some of the highest paying companies in South Africa. If you are planning to move to South Africa to work, or you are already in South Africa and are looking for well paying companies, consider the above. 

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