How to Help Poor People Without Giving Money

Acts of kindness go a long way in impacting people’s lives. If you are thinking of helping the poor, there are many ways you can go about it. You even don’t need to give money to show compassion to people. Many people want to help the poor, but don’t know how to go about it because they don’t have money. You don’t need money, you just need to be compassionate.

How to Help Poor without Money

We are going to discuss how to help someone without giving them money

1. Empowering Them

They say knowledge is power. If you are wondering how to help people without giving money, empowering them is the best way. Giving free education to the poor is one way of eliminating poverty. By so doing, the needy people will know their rights and find ways to get out of poverty.  

Find relevant skills you can impart to the poor. It would be best if you first discover what areas they are good at. For instance, if you notice a needy person would like to know how to knit, you can offer them free training. They can then use such skills to venture into self-employment.

2. Donate Groceries and Eatables

The other way to help the poor without giving money is by donating groceries. Poor and homeless people hardly manage to put food on the table. Even getting a single meal in a day is challenging. Most of them rely on leftovers from restaurants and litter bins.

If you have some food leftovers in your house, instead of throwing them away, you can give them to the poor. Donating food leftovers to the poor is one way to avoid wastage and impact their lives through acts of kindness.

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3. Moral Comfort

The other way to help poor people without giving money is through moral consolation. Showing heartfelt humility and moral support makes them feel appreciated and have a sense of self-worth. It also raises their self-esteem and helps them overcome barriers.

Through moral support, you can help needy people discover their capabilities and capacity. You can then support them actualize their capacities. By so doing, they will have a sense of dignity and get into a position to rely stand on their own financially and support themselves.

4. Donate Clothing

If you have some clothing that you no longer wear, you can donate them to the poor. Clothing is a basic need that most people can’t afford, forcing many of them to wear ragged clothes. On the other hand, many people have piled up old clothes they don’t wear in their wardrobes.

If you have clothing that you no longer use, you can give them to the poor, instead of throwing them away or having pile up in your wardrobe. It is a great way to impact the lives of needy people by helping them live a dignified life. 

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5. Donate Old Belongings

Do you have old furniture, utensils, electronics, toiletries, beddings, or any other item you no longer consider of use? If you do, then you can give it out to the poor people. There are many people out there who are in need of some of the things you consider not useful. By giving out your old belongings, it will save you space in your house and also help someone else.

6. Inform Them of Assistance Schemes Available

Poor people do not have the means to access information. Many needy people never get to know whenever there are available schemes meant to help them. If there is an initiative meant to help the poor people and you know a needy person, you can inform them about it.

Let them know about the requirements needed to get help and help them avail themselves. For instance, if they are required to avail themselves at a particular location, you can take the needy people there.

7. Helping Them Find a Job

Instead of giving cash handouts to the poor, you can help them find a job. Providing needy people with a source of income is a great way to help them stand on their own financially. When people have a job, they are able to support their families and live dignified life.

Besides, employing the poor makes them have a sense of belonging. They feel they are also contributing to society, thereby improving their sense of belonging. Therefore, if you have a job that a needy person can do, consider employing him or her. It can help greatly more than even giving them money.

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8. Adopt Them

You can help the poor by adopting them and making them a part of your life. For instance, there are so many orphaned children. You can adopt them as your own and be providing them with their basic needs like food and clothing. Also, show them love and compassion. However, you need to check the legal procedures for adopting a child or a family in your country.

Summary of How to Help Poor without Money

You don’t need to have money to help needy people. Besides money, there are many other things that needy people require. Some of the things they require include moral support, encouragement, and education. If you have the passion to help the poor, the above are some of the passionate ways you can use to assist them without giving money.

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