10 Facts about Homelessness in the UK

The UK is one of the richest countries in the world. However, it is also one of the countries with high numbers of homelessness. If you wondering why it is the case yet it is a wealthy country, the cost of living in the UK is very high. Many people cannot afford the cost of living, hence, many of them end up becoming homeless. 25% of the UK’s wealth is owned by 1% of the population. There are many people who are super wealthy and as such, the country does not have a fair distribution of wealth.

Here, you are going to learn 10 facts and statistics about homelessness in the UK.

How Many People are Homeless in the UK?

There are about 280,000 people experiencing homelessness in the UK. Statistics also show that homelessness is a gender issues with over 75% of homeless people being men.

There are many factors that are causing homelessness in the UK, but the main ones are economic issues like loss of a job, increase in rental costs, and eviction from rental houses.

10 Facts about Homelessness in the UK

The following are some of the facts about homelessness in the UK.

1. There are More Men Facing Homelessness than Women

Homelessness is a gender issue in the UK. 75% of people facing homelessness are men aged over 26 years. 2021 statistics also show that out of 2,440 people sleeping rough, 320 are women. For the last 7 years, the number of homeless people has continued to increase.

2. Average Time Spent in Temporary Accommodation is 199 Days

Those who qualify to get help from the authorities tend to spend an average of 199 days in temporary accommodation. However, a trend shows that of late, people are taking longer in temporary accommodation before they are permanently housed than before.

3. Homeless People are at a High Risk of Abuse and Violence

Statistics about homelessness in the UK shows that rough sleepers are 17 times more likely to be violently abused. In shelters, you will find people from all walks of life and people facing varying mental illnesses. Such people tend to be violent to other rough sleepers. Besides, rough sleepers are defenseless and prone to abuse.

4. Homeless People are Mainly Affected by Cold Weather, Lack of Food, and Poor Hygiene

A majority of people facing homelessness often are often faced with cold weather, lack of food, and poor hygiene. This makes the health of homeless people to deteriorate. Besides, when they get sick, homeless people barely get any form of treatment.

5. Many Homeless People Face Mental Health Problems

The other fact about homeless people in the UK is that a majority of people who are homeless face mental illnesses. Many such mental illnesses are usually never addressed at all in the long run.

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6. The Average Age of Death among Homeless People is between 43 and 45 Years

The average age of death among homeless people is 43 years for women and 45 years for men. This is a very young age for people to die. And to make it worse, many homeless people die from suicide, drug poisoning, and alcohol-related deaths. With the provision of healthcare, such deaths can be prevented.

7. 75% of Homeless People have Physical Health Issues

75% of the homeless population is facing physical health issues. The issue is even exaggerated by the fact that such people have no fixed address where they can live. They live in harsh conditions and most times sleep on cold nights.

8. Economic Factors are the Main Causes of Homelessness

Many of the people facing homelessness in the UK is as a result of economic factors. The main causes of homelessness UK include loss of a job, eviction from rental houses, and an increase in rental costs. Other factors that are leading to homelessness include substance abuse, domestic abuse, and the death of a family member.

9. Homeless People Often Experience Suicidal Thoughts

The other fact about homelessness in the UK is that homelessness affects one’s mental health to a greater extent. A homeless person gets suicidal thoughts 9 times more compared to the general population.

10. Rough Sleepers Usually Have Served Time in Prison

A majority of homeless people have at some point experienced a jail term. Besides, statistics show that a majority of prisoners don’t have a place of abode after serving their jail term. Most of them end up spending nights in the streets, in tents, and in cars.

Summary of Homelessness in the UK Facts

Homelessness is a major concern in the UK. Although the UK is a wealthy country, many people don’t have a permanent place of abode and they end up sleeping in tents, and cars in the streets. Homelessness is a gender issue in the UK with over three-quarters of homeless people being men.

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