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Top Event Planning and Management Software

When planning and organizing an event, you need to look for the top event management software in the market. With a management program, you can keep track of  resources and time schedules. You can also schedule upcoming events and projects for the convenient allocation of resources for each event.

Top Event Management Software

The following are some of the best event planning and management software.

Management Software


Whova event management software comes with many useful features. To avoid having multiple event management software, Whova event app has all in one event management features. You can opt-in and out of any feature that you want or you do not want. You can use the tool for event registration or to market an event.

Those attending the event can engage through a conference app. The app is majorly used in the US and Canada where it has received different awards including, Best Event Software Award. The app has the best ratings among top event management apps. You can opt to use Whova app or access it through a web browser. 


Trello is the best event management software that you can use to track the progress of each task easily. You can invite stakeholders to take part in event through Trello. It has excellent communication features allowing users to exchange ideas. Trello keeps the history of all the activities carried out and it has task by task view. It has a great visual interface, which makes it is easy to use. It is an excellent management software for freelance writers and it is a free software.

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Boomset offers the best event planning features for large events. It is secure and has a visual recognition feature that is useful in tracking attendees. The facial recognition is integrated with RFID event wristbands which the attendees can use to make purchases during the event. With Boomset registration, attendees can register online and check-in at the event using QR scanning. Besides, you can use it to collect data, print badges and redeem vouchers in an event.

The following are the advantages of using RFID wristbands for events: 

  • You can get to know the attendees of an event
  • Engage with the attendees online
  • Interact and promote connection with the sponsors 
  • Go cashless and eliminate fraud  


Everwall is a social media event management app. You can use it to display tweets related to your event on one screen. It has high moderation, customization and advertising options. The app puts together photos, tweets and reminders from the attendees and then displays them on one big screen. You can access and manage social media activities by attendees in real-time.


Monday event management program has organizational features so that you can organize your events professionally. You can book events, track attendance and budget for every event. The app allows you to keep a checklist of every aspect of an event from registration, dates, speakers, volunteers and venues. The app will help you meet deadlines, plan visually and track all milestones with their due dates. Also, you can schedule anything and see who is working on what and at what time.


Cvent management software makes work easier by automating all activities. With Cvent virtual events, people can register using its event automation features. The app offers event management features, event marketing, attendee registration and engagement. App Cvent will assist you to navigate through the aspects of an event. It is easy to use and has customer service available 24/7.

This is how Cvent can help in conference management and planning: 

  • It automates event planning making it easy and time saving
  • It creates streamlined workflows, thereby making work efficient 

Social Tables

Social Tables is a planning and management program that helps you source a venue, manage guests and check-in. It is a free event management software which you can use to map details, share venues, clients and partners. While you can create diagrams in just a few minutes, you can also account for every aspect of the event.

You can manage guests' sitting arrangements by dragging and dropping every guest to their seat. It is an excellent feature that will help you manage the VIPs, thus easing the catering team's work. Communication through the app is very fast since due to instant sharing and real-time sharing of information. This makes it the best wedding venue management software.


When planning an event, you need to get the best event planning software. Depending on the kind of event you are planning, you can choose the software to use. If you are planning for a short term event, you need to consider a free event planning software. You can select one from our list of top event planning software.