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Essentials of a Healthy Relationship 

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Relationship is a beautiful thing when entered into by two people who genuinely love and want the best for each other. In the recent past, relationships have become toxic leading to depression and suicide. Everyone deserves to find their happy place in someone, where you're free to express yourself and not be judged, a place to call home and this can only happen when you're in a healthy relationship.

The following are some of the essentials of building a healthy relationship:

1. Respect

This is an ingredient that should be developed for a healthy relationship. Respect is earned. If you want your partner to respect you, you must act with dignity and be helpful in the relationship.

You should respect your partner’s views and opinions even when you don't agree with them. Respecting your partner also means making him\her get respect in public. Minding how you talk to your lover is also important even in the middle of an argument. You ought to choose your words wisely to avoid disrespecting the other person.

2. Communication

This is a very vital aspect in every relationship. When starting any relationship, it is important that you discuss your expectations to know whether you're compatible. When communication is cut, there is no relationship. If your partner can go for days without talking to you, or checking on your how about, it means that they don't care to be part of your life.

In every healthy relationship there must be frequent communication. When communication is one sided, it becomes hard to develop a healthy relationship.

Communication does not only mean talking to the other person, but it also taking time to listen to your partner and understanding them. When a couple finds a communication balance, then they have a high possibility of having a healthy relationship.

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3. Compromise

Relationships are all about sacrifice and compromise. If you're not ready to sacrifice for the other person, it is advisable that you don't enter into a relationship.

Sometimes you have to compromise to reach an agreement with your partner. In every relationship, partners tend to have different views because they are not the same. However, each partner should be ready to sacrifice something for the other.

Some people tend to be selfish and fail to sacrifice anything for the other partner. Compromising for the sake of your partner leads to a healthy relationship. It also shows that you have your partner's interest at heart. 

4. Commitment

For any relationship to work, there must be an effort from both sides. Commitment involves giving and sacrificing your time and finances for each other. If you have nothing to offer in a relationship, you shouldn't be in one in the first place.

When you find out that you're the only one who is committed to the relationship, it means you're with the wrong person. However much you may want it to work, it won't.

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5. Support

When committing yourself to a relationship, you need to realize that you and your partner have different goals and dreams.

You should find a partner who matches your goals and ambitions. Someone who is ready to support you in whatever way. The support should not be forced and instead, it should come out naturally. 

When you find your partner is always making excuses for not supporting you, or does not appreciate your achievements, you're with the wrong person. The right person will hold your hand, support you and even shape you to the best version of yourself. He will also be happy for your success as if it was his/hers.

6. Trust

Trust is the faith you have in someone that they will always remain faithful and loyal to you. Trust like respect is earned. If you want your partner to trust you, you must be worthy of that trust. Trust is the foundation to every healthy relationship because with trust comes respect and love.

When a couple has complete trust in each other, they have peace knowing that their partner won't do anything that can hurt them. Trust brings about reassurance and helps a couple overcome challenges in their relationship. Without trust, there is no relationship.

7. Being Flexible

Change is naturally uneasy, but then it is inevitable in life. When in a relationship, you should be flexible and ready to adjust and grow together with your partner. A good partner will always try to make you a better person. Therefore, you should be ready to adjust and be ready to change. Partners should be ready to get out of their comfort zones. 

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Final Word

To conclude, a healthy relationship requires two mature people who are sure of what they want. The two choose to love each other even in times of hardships and always making each other feel loved and appreciated rather than criticizing and emotionally bullying each other.