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Emerging Business Opportunities Amidst Covid-19 in China

China is making significant steps during Covid-19 with the emergence of business ideas during Covid-19. Most of the businesses have shifted their focus from offline to online. The following are some of the emerging businesses that are doing well amid Covid-19 in China.   

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Online Entertainment

With the lockdowns and ban on events and gatherings in China, people have shifted to online entertainment. The lockdowns have necessitated people to look for ways to get entertained to keep themselves busy.  As such, people are streaming entertaining videos online. Also, most artists now prefer to entertain their viewers online.

Online Games

Lockdowns have rendered many people bored and idle in their houses. As a way of keeping themselves busy, most people prefer to play games online. Consequently, online gaming companies have been on the rise due to high demand. 

An online gamer in action 

Delivery Apps

People cannot go out of their houses to shop. As a result, people are opting to make orders for delivery. It has necessitated the development of online delivery apps, especially for groceries. Existing businesses that are not operating online are struggling to survive.

Virtual Fitness and Wellness

Failure of people to move around by staying indoors due to lockdowns has made a majority of people gain weight. As a result, people are looking for ways to work out and lose weight. And since they cannot go out of their houses, they are looking for virtual fitness trainers. There has also been a rise in fitness and wellness apps like yoga and meditation apps.

Communication Apps

Human beings are social beings. With the knockdowns and self-isolation, people want to communicate with their loved ones and family members. People are looking for better ways to communicate. As such, developers are making improvements and designing new communication apps to help people interact with one another.


Many people have been left without jobs since most companies have laid off most of their employees while others have shut down. To get an income, people have focused on freelance jobs through content creation like blogging and online coaching.

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Online Food Deliveries

Restaurants have been the hardest hit sector of the economy. The government shut down most of the eateries to reduce human interaction. As a result, most of the restaurants have shifted their services online. Customers can make orders online and have the food delivered to their doorsteps. 

A delivery van

Online Education

With all schools closed in China, people are opting to learn online. Parents don't want their children to stay idle and in response, most parents are hiring online tutors. There has also been an upsurge in demand for e-learning. Statistics show that downloads for education apps have risen by almost 300 percent.

Virtual Healthcare

Most of the GPs have rescheduled consultation with their patients online. They are communicating with their clients through video calls. Self-isolation has necessitated for remote healthcare. Only serious medical cases are seeking treatment in hospitals. Developers are improving healthcare apps, as many people continue to rely on them.


Retailers are selling products online since people cannot visit shops and malls. Online hopping allows people to order goods online by indicating their areas of residence to have the products delivered. 

Bottom Line

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect major economies, people are looking for ways to adjust and move on with life. It has led to the emergence of business opportunities and innovation in different ways of doing business in China.