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Daisy Neema

Daisy Neema was born and raised at the Kenyan coast. I have lived here my entire life. The only time that I haven’t been at the coast is when I was in campus.  I enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, the breath-taking sight of the rising sun, the echo of crashing waves and the sound of whispering palms. To call it beautiful would be an understatement. It’s serenity at its climax. Despite having lived here all my life, it is ironic that I cannot swim! 


I graduated from Chuka University with a Bachelor’s degree in BSc Science (Botany and Zoology) on the 18th of October, 2019. During my 3rd year at Chuka University, I went for industrial attachment at KALRO, Kandara. It is where I gained some botanical and zoology skills. Just to mention a few; rearing of nematodes as bio-control agents, banana tissue culture, and animal feed content analysis. Read my 4th year university project

I am a talented content writer with vast experience.  If you have an upcoming project, make sure to reach out to me through Upwork. 

Who am I?

You can’t know me well by just looking at me. Some think I’m an introvert, others think I’m funny, while others think I’m too serious. I can be all these but the truth of the matter is; I’m social, outgoing and can deal with almost every personality. I have no room for negativity. 

A man is a product of his own thoughts, what he thinks he becomes

My hobbies

I love listening to music. Music does an incredible thing to the mind, body and soul.  It brings healing.

I also love reading and have an interest in freelance.  It is what I do most during my free time. The drama, crime, and love will transport you to a world of imagination that you may not want to come out of. I nurtured my reading culture from a very tender age. As such, becoming a writer wasn't a surprise.

Not forgetting that I come from the Kenya coast, I wouldn't sum it up without mentioning cooking. Trying different recipes gives me self fulfillment.

My dream

I want to touch many lives in every possible way. Help people achieve and live their dreams. And when all this is happening, I want a family of my own.