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Lucrative Businesses You Can Start with Ksh 1,000

There are many business ideas you can explore without having lots of cash. Fortunately, businesses that you can start with Ksh 1,000 do not require training. It only requires positive attitude, hard work and commitment to excel in these businesses. Did you know that most successful business people started by investing in small business ideas? You too can start a small business, give it time to grow and it will give you capital to start a bigger business. 

The following are some excellent business ideas you can start with as little as Ksh 1,000.

1. Selling Coffee

If you live in urban areas, then this is a great business idea. You can distribute coffee to boda boda operators, construction sites and offices during the tea break. You only need a flask, disposable plastic cups, coffee, water and sugar. You can start by distributing coffee within your neighbourhood before you can start selling in large quantities.

2. Shoe Shining

This is an excellent business idea with Ksh 1,000 that is best suited for urban areas. With many people reporting to their workplaces very early in the morning, there is no time for them to brush their shoes. You can help them to wash and clean their shoes at a fee. All you need is a basin, water, shoe brush and shoe shine. All these will cost you less than Ksh 1,000.

Once you buy shoe shine, it can take you through the week before you can buy another one. Assuming you charge Ksh 50 per person and you get 20 people in a day, you will be making Ksh 1,000. Within a day, you will have gotten back the money you invested.

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3. Selling Cooked Food

Many people living in urban areas use cooking gas, which can be expensive to boil cereals like beans, green grams (ndengu) and githeri.  Many people prefer to buy boiled foods to cut on costs. This is a great business idea that would cost you less than Ksh 1,000. You only need a sufuria, bucket and firewood.

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You can use firewood to cut down your expenses. You will start getting orders from households, while other people will be coming to fetch food from your stall. The best idea is to set up a stall where people can easily find you.

4. Washing Clothes

This is probably one business idea that you do not need capital at all. You only need to know how to wash clothes and excellent communication skills. You can visit people's homesteads and ask them if they can give you a job to clean their clothes. With many people reporting to their jobs in the morning and returning home late at nights, you cannot lack customers. 

Once people trust you, they will hire you to clean their houses. Make sure to leave your contacts with your clients so that they can call you the next time they want their clothes cleaned.

5. Tilling Land

If you live in rural areas, tilling land is a great opportunity. Many people are looking for people to help them in their farms whether it is digging, planting or harvesting. Many people shy away from getting hired to work on farms. However, it can help you get daily income. I know many people who have realized their families by working as casual labourers in farms. You only need a positive attitude and hard work.

6. Roasting Maize

Many people love eating a piece of roasted maize and it is a great business idea if you get a good location. It will cost you around Ksh 10 to buy one piece of corn and you can sell roasted maize at Ksh 20. This will give you a 50 percent profit making it a good business. You are likely to get more customers during the evening hours when people are heading home from their workplaces.

7. Selling Chapatis

Selling chapatis on the roadsides has become a booming business. Men are also doing well in this business which was believed to be for women. You only need cooking oil, wheat flour, packaging bags, jiko, cooking pan, and a rolling stick. Get a good location where you can comfortably cook and sell chapatis. You are sure to get customers during morning and evening hours. During the day time, you can distribute chapati to construction sites and markets. 

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8. Distributing Water Melons

Many people love eating watermelons, especially when the weather is hot. Buy a few watermelons and cut them into pieces. Get a clean and transparent bucket and you are ready to get started. You can distribute them in market places and homesteads. You can also distribute the watermelons around bus stations.

9. Vending Drinking Water and Ice Cream

Ice cream and water vending business work best when there are events like sporting and school events. For instance, school closing ceremonies provide great opportunities to sell water and ice cream.

You can also start this business if you are in a densely populated area. One thing to note is that this business idea is seasonal. For instance, people buy water and ice cream during hot seasons. When the business is out of season, you can get something else to do.

10. Carrying Luggage

You can start luggage carrying business for people who are walking for short distances. Many shoppers and travelers hire people to help them carry luggage after shopping or after alighting from vehicles. You can start by carrying luggage on your back before you can buy a trolley. You are likely to get more customers at bus stops and outside supermarkets.

Summary Lucrative Businesses You Can Start with Ksh 1,000

There are many ways to generate an income and there are many opportunities that have not been exploited. Many people shy away from venturing into these businesses due to negative attitude. You can a small business and it becomes a stepping stone to other bigger business opportunities.

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