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Business Ideas for College Students in South Africa

Starting a business while in college or university can help you raise some pocket money and meet your financial needs. There are many business ideas that students can venture into. In this article, we will provide you with business ideas for college students in South Africa.

1. Blogging

Blogging is a good business idea for university students. To start blogging, you need to find a niche you can blog about. Make sure you have an interest in the niche, otherwise, you will run out of ideas very fast. Get a unique domain name and register it. Then get a hosting service for your blog. You can use hosting services like Bluehost and Dreamhost. You can make money blogging through affiliate marketing and advertising through services like AdSense.

2. Freelancing

Another excellent business idea for students in South Africa is freelancing. There are many local and international freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr where you can sell your skills. You just need sign up for a freelance account and start bidding for online jobs. Once you have a freelance account, you can start selling your skills. You can find a wide range of freelance jobs like content writing, web design, marketing, and product reviews.

3. Photography

Photography is a lucrative business idea for South African students. You can start photography and target your fellow students as your customers. If you are an excellent photographer, you can make at least R1,000 per day. That’s not bad for a student. This is a business you can grow even after graduating.  

4. Typing, Printing, and Photocopying

Many students require typing, printing, and photocopying services. As such, this is a lucrative business idea for university and college students. To get started, you only need to have a laptop or a computer and a printer or a photocopier. You can start small and when the demand for these services goes up, you can expand your business. Target your course mates and they can help you market your business by referring their friends.

5. Selling Clothes and Beauty Products

The other lucrative business idea for students in South Africa is selling clothes and cosmetics and beauty products. If you have good taste in fashion, this is an excellent business idea for you. You can start selling clothes or beauty products with only R1,000. When the demand goes up, you can always increase your stock. To make it in this business, go for trendy clothes and then ask your friends to help you market the business. You can also market the business online through social media and WhatsApp groups.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

The other business idea you can venture into as a student in South Africa is a YouTube channel. You just need to identify valuable information you can offer your audience. For instance, if you are a good cook, you can teach your audience some recipes. Also, if you are a good dancer, you can teach your audience some dance moves. Once you have content and a large following, you can monetize your YouTube channel through AdSense.  

7. Barbing

If you have barbing skills, you can make some money by shaving your colleagues’ hair. It is a profitable business for students that does not require a lot of startup capital. Alternatively, if you don’t have the startup capital and you have the skills, you can look for a part-time job in barbing salons nearby.

8. Hairdressing

If you have hairdressing skills, this is an excellent business idea for a student in South Africa. You can make people’s hair during your free time. Starting a salon requires large startup capital. You can opt to start a mobile hair salon by visiting your clients at their place of residence. With time, you can raise enough funds to open a salon business. This way, you will have already established a client base before opening a salon.

9. Laundry Services

You can help your colleagues with laundry services by starting a laundry business. Many students don't have time for laundry. You can help them and collect a small fee. You can offer other services like ironing to attract more customers. Target your friends and your course mates and if they like your services, they will spread the word about your business to their friends. This is a great way to market and grow your business through customer referrals. 

10. Baking Business

The baking business is a profitable business for South African students since students love partying. Make sure you are always up to date with upcoming events like birthdays. You can always ask the host if you can prepare them a cake. Alternatively, you can sell cakes to students for breakfast by visiting their hostels. Once you have established a customer base, your customers will be making orders and you will just have to make the deliveries.

11. Dropshipping

Dropshipping business is an excellent business idea for a student who wants to get involved in retail fulfillment. It is easy to start a dropshipping business since you don’t need to handle inventory. You sell products while they are in the supplier's warehouse. When a customer makes an order, the product is shipped directly to the customer. Your work as a dropshipper will be to market products. The work of the supplier is to handle orders, branding, and shipping products to customers. That makes your work easier since you will only be concerned with marketing.

12. Graphics and Web Design

If you have skills in web design or graphics design, you can sell your skills online through freelance websites. You can make up to R4,000 to design one website. You just need to sell skills and let people know that you offer web and graphics design. In case anyone wants your services, they can always reach out to you.

Summary of Business Ideas for Students in South Africa

Starting a business while in college or university requires a lot of commitment. You need to balance academics and business. See how you can juggle between your business and academics. You can concentrate on your business during your free time and on weekends. With a large number of students in institutions, there is a ready market for your business.

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