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Business Ideas for University Students in Nigeria

Universities and colleges usually have many students, which creates a large market for businesses. By starting a business near a university or college, you are assured of many customers. You can start a business and make money while studying at the university.  This will help you get pocket money for your day-to-day needs. You can grow your business over time and employ other students to work in your business. There are many business ideas for students in Nigeria you can start near a university or college.

In this article, I am going to provide you with a list of profitable business ideas for students in the university.

1. Printing and Photocopying Business 

Printing and photocopying is an excellent business idea for students in the university. The high number of students in the university creates a large market for the business idea. Students often have a lot of work they need to print, type, or photocopy. This makes it a profitable business for college students in Nigeria. You need a fast printer and photocopier and a computer. You can help students to typeset assignments at a fee, or they can bring already typed work for printing.

2. Cyber Café Business

The need for internet services makes a cyber café a profitable business idea for university students. You need to have several computers and you can offer additional services like typesetting, printing and photocopying services. Students need internet services to do research, hence making it a good business to start in a university. Make sure to set up your business in a safe and secure location since computers are prone to theft.

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3. Phone and Laptop Repair Business

Due to the high number of students with smartphones and mobile phones, the laptop and mobile repair business is a profitable business idea for students in Nigeria. You need to have skills in electronic repair. With that, offer excellent customer services to attract and retain customers. You also need to be a trustworthy person so that customers can have the confidence to leave their expensive gadgets with you. With this, students can refer your business to their friends.

4. Fast Food Business

A fast-food business is also a lucrative business near a university in Nigeria. The high number of students and university workers creates a large market for the business. The business requires large startup capital, but you can start small and grow your business over time. Make sure to prepare foods that are in high demand like kota and soft drinks.

5. Okrika Business

Okrika business is a profitable venture near a college or a university in Nigeria. Students prefer second-hand clothes because they are cheaper compared to new clothes. You can sell a wide variety of clothes like men’s wear, women's clothes, bags, and shoes. You just need to identify the fast-moving clothes and stock them. Make sure to select good-looking and quality clothes because most second-hand clothes are usually torn and in bad shape.  

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6. Hairdressing Business 

Hairdressing is an excellent business idea for a student in the university. There are many ladies in the universities looking for a place to get quality hairdressing services. This makes it a profitable business. To make it in this business, ensure you know plait different hairstyles. Also, make sure to offer excellent customer service.

7. Tailoring

Tailoring is also an excellent business idea for a student in the university in Nigeria. Tailoring involves repairing torn clothes, or sewing new clothes. Due to the current fashion trends, students desire to keep up with fashion designs. This creates the need for tailoring services. You need a sewing machine, sewing skills, and a convenient business location. Make sure you are up to date with fashion trends in the market. 

8. Barbing Business

The high number of students who want to get haircuts is high in universities. Barbing business does not require a lot of startup capital, making it a good business idea for a college student to start. You just need barbing skills, barbing machines and a few other requirements. Make sure you know different hairstyles and you offer your clients excellent services. With that, you will start attracting customers to your business.

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9. Cake Baking

Students love parties and a party is never complete without a cake. This makes a cake baking business a profitable venture to start near a university or college in Nigeria. There are also many events that take place within a university that may require a cake. If you are good at baking cakes, consider starting a cake-baking business.

10. Cosmetics Business 

A cosmetics business is a also a good business to start near a college or a university in Nigeria. The demand for cosmetics products is high since many students wants to look good. You don't need to set up a shop since you can start a mobile cosmetic business. You can advertise the products you are selling then make deliveries when customers make orders.  

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Best Online Business for Students in Nigeria 

The following are some of the best online business for students in Nigeria that can help them make an extra coin.

11. Freelance

Freelance is a lucrative online business idea for university students in Nigeria. To get started, you need to sign up for a freelance account and have an internet connection. You also need to have a computer. With that, you can sell your skills online. Some of the freelance jobs you can do include content writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, web, and software development. 

12. Blogging

If you are good at a particular field, you can start a blog. To start a blog, you need to find a niche, buy a domain and then get a web hosting service. You then need to develop content and drive traffic to your website. With good traffic, you can start to monetize your blog. You can make money blogging through advertisements, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products.

13. Social Media Influencing

Social media influence is a good online business idea for a university student in Nigeria. It is easy and does not require much startup capital. You only need to look for many followers on your social media platforms. You can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have many followers, brands will reach out to you to promote their products online or become their brand ambassadors.

How to Promote a University Business Idea in Nigeria

The following are some of the ways you can promote your university business ideas:

  • Advertise your business ideas through social media platforms like school Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups.
  • You can put up posters on strategic locations within the university.
  • Tell your friends and classmates about your business by word of mouth.
  • Ask your friends and classmates to refer their friends to your business.

Summary of Business Ideas for University Students in Nigeria

The above are some profitable business ideas for university students in Nigeria to start. You need to select a business idea of your choice, find a suitable business location, and then launch your business. You then need to promote your business through posters and social media platforms like Facebook. You can also consider online jobs that can help you make money during your free time.

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