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Business Ideas Amidst Covid-19

Amidst Covid-19, you can still make an income from a business startup. Covid-19 has brought almost the whole world into a standstill. Most businesses and companies are scaling down their staff. If you have been affected by Covid-19 negatively, here we have some business ideas to start during the pandemic.

Pick Up and Delivery

Many countries in the world have put in place measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Among the measures are lock downs and cessations of movement to high risky areas. As such, you can solve peoples' problem by starting a delivery and pickup services business amidst Covid-19. You will help people send and receive parcels of food and essentials to and from upcountry. 

A delivery van

Online Tutoring Classes

Starting a YouTube channel and offering online tutoring for primary and secondary education is an excellent business idea. Most parents are looking for online tutors to coach their children. Many schools remain closed; making online education is a profitable business idea amidst Covid-19. You only need to have a YouTube channel, record your course and upload it to your channel. It is a creative way to make money using YouTube.

Selling Foodstuffs

Foodstuff business is among the least affected businesses by the novel coronavirus. People are afraid to move out of their houses for fear of contracting Covid-19. As such, you can get a license and start a business to deliver foodstuffs to people's doorsteps. Make sure to sell primary foodstuffs like vegetables. Also, leave your contact details with your customers so that they can call you whenever they run out of stock.

A food stuff delivery van

Fitness and Wellness Training

Fitness and wellness is a booming business amidst Covid-19. Due to the rise in cases of Covid-19 infection, most people are preferring to train in their homes. Many people have gyms in their homes—all they need is a trainer. You can liaise with those in need of training and create a schedule when you can visit their homes to train them. Advertise your training services through online platforms like Facebook to reach out to many people.

Medical Van Booking

Due to lock downs and cessations of movement, it has become difficult for most people to access medical care. Expectant mothers need prenatal care while people with disabilities and elderly people need specialized care. As such, you can get a license to operate and medical van. Advertise your services online to reach out to more people. 

Selling Personal Protective Equipment

It is no doubt that selling masks, gloves and sanitizers is the booming business amidst Covid-19. The demand for these items is increasing daily. It is because more people are becoming aware of the coronavirus and want to protect themselves. You can make and sell branded masks which are now selling at a faster rate and a higher price.

Wearing a mask to prevent contracting Covid-19

Web Design

Starting a web design business is an excellent business idea amidst Covid-19. Most companies are moving online necessities the creation of websites. If you have the skills to design a website, start marketing your skills. You can create an agency and collaborate with webs developers and online entrepreneurs. 

Get Hired on Freelance Platforms

With many businesses migrating online, there is an increased demand for freelancers. Freelance jobs are in a broad category ranging from web administrators, writers, content markers and online PR projects. If you don't have freelance skills, pick up a skill that suits you and learn. This is the time to learn new skills when there isn't much work to do. Then you can look for a freelance job. 

Selling Fruits and Fruit Juices

If you are a farmer or you have access to fruits, consider it as a good business idea during Covid-19. Many people, especially those in major towns, have challenges accessing fruits and juices. You will reap a lot by solving their problems though delivering them with the fruits. Organize with your customers and arrange how you can make a shipment.  

Bottom Line

The Covid-19 has brought about many challenges and now the focus is on means of making a livelihood. The above are excellent business ideas that will help you make a living during these hard times. You only need to be creative and market your business.