Best Sources of Business Ideas in Kenya

Have you ever wonder where some people get business ideas from? Business ideas are literally all around us. You may be wondering where to get a business idea from. You only need to look out and see what there is in the market, what there isn't, or what needs improvement. Also, if there is a challenge in the market, you can come up with a solution and that can be a source of a business idea. 

Sources of Business Ideas in Kenya

The following are the best sources of business ideas in Kenya.

1. Talent, Passion and Hobbies

You can generate a business idea from what you love doing most or what you are talented at. Having an interest in something makes you find solutions to challenges in that particular field. Also, you are in a position to do things differently from your competitors. Therefore, if your hobby is cooking, that is an excellent business idea.

2. Experience and Abilities

If you have previously been employed and over time you gain experience in doing something, you can take that as a business idea and do something for your own. For instance, if you have worked as an auditor and have vast experience, you can start your private auditing firm. As such, you have generated a business idea from your ability and experience.

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3. Creativity and Innovation

One of the best ways to compete with an established business is through innovation. Through creativity and innovation, you come up with new ways to use a product or service. If you discover a different utilization strategy in a product or a service, you can generate a business idea you can invest in.

4. Family and Friends

Consulting your friend s and family members can help you get a business idea. They can tell you where there is a gap in the market and what needs improvement. You can make use of their experience to analyze the market. They may also have interacted with other business people and heard what is in demand in the market.

5. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a way of finding problems and looking for ways to address them. One of the best ways of getting an excellent business idea is by solving people's problems. There are many people out there willing to spend on anyone who can address their problems.

For instance, if there is a problem in accessing health facilities in an area, that is a business idea by itself. As such, if you can provide access to healthcare, then you will have generated a business idea from a problem.

6. Traveling

Most of the successful business personas are people who have traveled widely. Traveling helps you get new ways and ideas of doing things. When you visit different regions, you find new products and services that can work in your locality. By traveling, you can generate many business ideas worth investing in.  

7. Books and Magazines

Reading books and magazines will help you discover what is trending in the market. Most magazines provide trends like fashion and technology. Books also help you find out what is new in the market and how to use it. Make sure to read business magazines, and from them, you can generate multiple business ideas.

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8. Current Trends

What is happening around the globe provides new opportunities and business ideas. Customers want to buy what is trending since hat what is what many customers want. Keep your ears and eyes open to current trends and make sure to invest in them before your competitors acquire them.   

9. Surveys

Running customer surveys can help you know the needs and wants of your potential customers. You can survey questionnaires, interviews, and observations. Customers will also tell you what is not available in the market or what needs improvement.

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10. Trade Fair and Exhibitions

The other way o develop a business idea is through trade fairs and exhibitions. The mass media advertises most trade fairs and exhibitions. Attending a trade fair and exhibition will help you discover new products and services you can invest in. For instance, you are likely to find a manufacturer in need of a retailer for his product.

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11. Mass Media

You can generate business ideas from mass media like television, radio, internet, magazines and newspapers. There are many adverts placed on social media about businesses on sale and new products in the market. The internet has become the most relied on source of business ideas.

12. Market Gap

Identifying a market niche is another excellent way to develop a business idea. Once you identify an area in the market that requires exploitation, you can figure out how to invest in it. That way, you can provide goods and services that your customers need. 

Summary of Best Sources of Business Ideas in Kenya 

The above are some of the best sources of business ideas in Kenya. You can use them to generate new business ideas that you can invest in. Once you have a business idea, the next thing you need to do is to develop a business plan. A business plan will guide you when executing your business idea. 

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