Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Many real estate companies are coming up every day due to the high demand for real estate properties in Kenya. The growing population is creating a high demand for rental houses and land to develop. The real estate business is one of the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya. In this article, we will focus on some of the best real estate companies in Kenya.

1. Optiven Enterprise Limited Kenya

Optiven Enterprise is one of the best real estate companies in Kenya. It has invested in properties that are ideal for development. It is among the best land sellers in Kenya. Its projects are in ideal places that have the potential to develop. Most of the land they sell are near social amenities like schools and hospitals. The company has its head office in Nairobi and an office in Kitengela.  It also issues genuine title deeds.

2. Villa Care Limited

Villa Care Limited is an excellent real estate company n Kenya. The company mainly deals with real estate consultancy, management and sale of properties. Villa Care clients' base has been growing significantly due to its ability to offer its customers services that suit their needs. It is one of the real estate companies that are offering real estate services extensively around the country.

3.  Knight Frank Kenya

Knight Frank is another real estate company that is doing well in the Kenyan market. It offers real estate services like property management, real estate consultancy, agency and project management. The company strives to add value to its clients by partnering with other companies. It mainly works with the residential and commercial markets in Kenya. Knight Franks collaborates with developers, individuals, and investors.

4. Fanaka Real Estate

Fanaka Real Estate is a real estate company that mainly offers real estate properties within the Nairobi Metropolitan area. Most of its projects are located in Joska, Malaa, Kamulu and Kangundo. It serves both the low and middle-income earners, helping them to own land and build a home. The company has built a good reputation in the market and is trusted by many customers.

5. AMG Realtors

AMG Realtors is a reputable real estate company in Kenya. The company sells real estate properties in prime areas. It also offers its clients great deals and discounts. AMG Realtors collaborates with buyers, developers and investors. The company buys huge pieces of land, subdivides them and then sells them to clients. It has projects in many parts of the country.

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6. Hass Consultant Limited

Hass Consultant Limited is one of the best real estate companies in Nairobi. It was started in 1992 and it is one of the oldest real estate companies in Kenya. It is mainly involved in selling, letting and managing commercial and residential real estate properties. It also offers real estate consultancy services.

7. Username Properties

Username Properties is a new real estate company in Kenya. However, for the few years, it has been in the market, it has managed to build a good reputation by offering its client high quality services. Username Properties sells plots targeting low and middle-income class Kenyans.

8.  Diamond Properties

Diamond Properties is an award-winning real estate company in Kenya. It was the overall winner in 2016-2017 in the top 100 mid sized companies in Kenya. The company has helped many people buy and develop land. The company has been in the market for the last 20 years. It has completed over 50 phases of projects and has issued out over 3800 titles.

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9. Azizi Realtors

Azizi Realtors is a real estate company in Kenya offering consultancy services. The company is involved in the buying, selling, letting and managing real estate companies. The company sells genuine properties and issues titles deeds to its clients.

Summary of Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Kenya 

If you are planning to buy land in Kenya, you can consider buying one from one of these real estate companies. They sell genuine properties and issue their clients with genuine title deeds. Most of them offer property management services, agency and are also involved in the sale of properties.

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