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Best Online Photography Classes

Unlike in the past, when you had to look for an expert to learn photography skills, things have changed. You can learn photography skills online and get a certificate. Through online interaction, learning photography skills has become exciting and more comfortable. If you are looking for the best online photography classes, we will highlight the ones that you need to consider. 

Alison Photography Course

Alison offers free online certificate and diploma courses. There are over 16 photography classes. Courses range from foreign languages to web design. There are different courses for beginners, intermediate and experienced shooters. Beginners can take an introduction to digital photography and basic image composition courses.

Udemy Photography Course 

Udemy is an excellent online photography class that helps beginners to get skills to shoot like experts. Their courses are online through videos. You get to learn photography basics, controlling exposure, metering modes and controlling depth of field and aperture. The classes are offered in the form of videos by Chris Bray, a professional photographer.

The courses help learners get out of auto camera mode. The class runs for one and a half hours. There are no assessments, but you get a certificate after completing the course. You can also enroll in photography masterclasses for only $10 and get value for money. Some of the master class courses include Newborn Photography Secrets and mastering off-camera flash.

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Harvard University Photography Course

Harvard University offers free online photography courses for 3 hours. The course helps you to understand the basics of digital cameras to improve your skills. You also get to learn photography techniques, history of photography and photography styles. The courses are offered in the form of videos and you can purchase a certificate after completing the course. Apart from English, the classes are also available in a couple of other languages.

Lynda Photography Course

Lynda is a professional photography trainer owned by Linkedin. They offer both photo and video courses at a fee. However, they have a month free trial course before you can subscribe. Their classes are web-based and run for 30 minutes. You get to learn lighting techniques, post-processing programs and styles of camera. They provide an online assessment to ensure that their learners master photography skills. They have over 25,000 tutorials and 600 courses. They offer the "Elements of Effective Photographs" course that is taught by Natalie Fobes, a geographic photographer.

Creative Live Photography Course

Creative Live offers online photography courses taught by John Greengo, an award-winning travel photographer. The course helps learners to get out of auto camera mode and apply manual me. You also get to understand natural light and how you can use it to take the best shots, a course taught by Mark Wallace. Besides, you also get to know how to choose the best camera.

Apart from the camera basics, Ben Willmore offers a complete guide on how to edit pictures using Adobe Lightroom. Khara Plicanic offers practical lessons related to Adobe Photoshop. The courses are offered in the form of videos and downloadable workbooks. To enroll, you pay a fee of $119, but they do not offer certificates.

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Reddit Photography Course

Reddit offers free photography courses, while you can purchase a certificate at the end of the course. It has over 30 lessons that focus on photography equipment, controlling exposure and focus and post-processing. After taking the course, you get to learn the fundamentals of photography. Besides, they offer assignments that you can discuss with your peers in the comments section. Its advantage is that you learn at your own pace.


Kelbyone offers photo and video courses and practical in Lightroom and Photoshop. It has a free membership that provides fifteen courses while the paid membership course offers over 1,000 video lessons. Professional photographers offer these courses. Some of the courses available include the basics of photography, lighting and composition techniques. If you are seeking to buy photography gear, you can get equipment reviews on Kelbyone.

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Nikon Photography Course

Nikon is among the best DSLR camera providers. Nikon's photography courses attract a fee of between $15 and $50 for each class. Most of the courses are about fundamentals of photography, macro photography, the art of editing videos and landscape photography. If you just bought a camera, you can learn how to get started with your DSLR and how to take photographs of your children and pets.

Craftsy Photography Course

Craftsy is a website that offers photography video lessons. Apart from photography, knitting and cooking courses are available. Some of the photography topics that you will cover include shutter speed, aperture, ISO, light and exposure. Besides, they also offer the "Essential Guide to Photoshop." You get to learn how to edit photos using Photoshop software. The course consists of 14 videos presented by Skott Chandler. You will learn how to import camera files and how to organize camera files.

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The platforms listed above are not the only ones offering online photography courses. However, we know that these platforms will be of great value and worth your time. There are many other platforms you can also consider. Discover the skill you want, and then it will be easy to find the best platform and course to take.