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Best Business Incubators and Accelerators in Kenya

Business incubators are the ecosystem of business growth in Kenya. There are many business incubators in Kenya if you want to grow your business. They nurture upcoming entrepreneurs to venture into business and expand their opportunities. They also provide access to resources like startup capital, skills, experience and time. Kenya's business incubators have helped entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality.

Business Incubators to Consider for your Business Growth 

The following are some of the best business incubators and accelerators in Kenya you need to consider:

1. GrowthHub

GrowthHub is a business accelerator and incubator that is promoting business ideas innovation. It provides seed funding to entrepreneurs. Through networking and mentorship, you will interact with successful entrepreneurs and get insight into launching your business.

2. MEST Incubator

The pan-African tech business incubator, Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), provides startup capital to business people. It offers a one-year business training program for upcoming entrepreneurs.

It was founded in 2008 in Ghana and has hubs located in Accra, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Cape Town, South Africa; and Nairobi, Kenya. It collaborates with companies like TechShelta and Profish.

3. NaiLab 

NaiLab was started in 2011 to enable business people share and develop ideas. It offers six months training to entrepreneurs and many businesses have benefited from the program. It is ideal for new startups. 

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4. iHub

iHub is technological business incubator open for people who want to be tech savvies. It brings together software developers, designer and software programmers. It is open to investors and open community.   

5. Mara Launchpad Incubation Center

Mara Launchpad Incubation Center was started by the Mara Foundation to focus on social enterprises. The incubator provides seed funding, mentorship and business training to upcoming entrepreneurs. It operates in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria.

6. LakeHub

LakeHub is an innovation incubator located in Kisumu. It focuses on startups that are just starting. It offers six months training program. From the training, the top 3 promising startups get funding of $5,000 for development.

7. Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubator Center

Chandaria Business Incubator was started at Kenyatta University by the Chandaria Foundation. The incubator provides academic research and innovation center for businesses. The incubator provides supports in this ratio, 70% Kenyatta University Students and 30% outsiders.

Among the successful startups that have been nurtured by Chandaria Incubator include FlexPay and Ecodudu.

8. KeKoBi

Kenya Kountry Business Incubators is a software development incubator. It started in 2004 and has revolutionized to incorporate other incubation. The incubator supports upcoming small and medium-sized enterprises. It collaborates with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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9. iBiz Africa

iBiz Africa offers business incubation for youths in Kenya. It nurtures entrepreneurial development and instills business skills to youths who want to focus on ICT. Among the resources it offers are financial support, incubation, training, business ideas and opportunities. It has incubated startups like ValuRaha and Buymore. 

10. Afrilab

Afrilab was started in 2011 to provide business incubation and support to to African entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, and youths. Afrilab provides physical co-working and dedicated office spaces, as well as inclusive training and business, legal and financial support. It collaborates with the University of Nairobi to enhance innovation and development of new products and services. 

11. Technology Business Incubator

Technology Business Incubator was started in 2006 by the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI). Its main focus is to oversee the spread of technology and innovation.

It supports entrepreneurs wishing to start technology startups. It provides technological resources necessary to start a technology startup.

12. Seven Sea Technologies Innovation Labs

Seven Sea Technologies Innovation Labs started in 1999 by Mike Macharia. It has SST Kabla program that nurtures youths with entrepreneurial ideas.

It focuses on startups in Healthcare and social services. The incubator has been providing support to budding entrepreneurs in the technology niche.

13. The Hub East Africa

The Hub East Africa provides support to ensure startups can grow and expand. It provides business training on the strategy and operations of businesses.

Besides, it provides co-working space for your business where you can interact and network with other entrepreneurs.

14. Startup Africa

Startup Africa was started by Kenyans living in the US to provide job opportunities to Kenyan youths. Its establishment was necessitated by the post-election violence that happened in 2007/2008. It provides training, mentorship, networking and business finding.

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15. M-lab

M-lab supports entrepreneurs dealing with mobile applications. It provides training, learning and networking opportunities to business persons.

The training runs for six months through virtual programs. It facilitates access to growth in capital, market and business expansion. 

Summary of the Best Incubators in Kenya

Finding the best business incubator is a key factor to the success of your business. Business incubators provide entrepreneurs with mentorship, skills and startup capital to launch their business. Consider the above top business incubators in Kenya for your business growth.  

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