Best Agribusiness Ideas in Kenya

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy and it is a sector that has employed a majority of Kenyans. You can venture into agribusiness and generate high revenues than employed people. To generate significant revenues from farming, you need to invest in the best agribusiness idea in Kenya. Agricultural farming can generate for you over Ksh 50,000 per month. You need the right skills and information to be unique from the rest. 

Best Agribusiness Opportunities in Kenya 

The following are some of the best agribusiness ideas you can consider investing in Kenya: 

1. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is one of the best agribusiness ideas in Kenya. Tea and milk is the most common household drink, providing a large market for milk produce. You can rear a wide variety of livestock like cows, sheep and goats.

Kenyans lacks the skills to rear dairy livestock. With the right skills and information, you can be producing large quantities of milk and get a large market share. With the best breed of dairy cattle, you can start producing over 50 liters of milk every a day. A liter of milk goes for between Ksh 60 and Ksh 100. 

2. Pig Farming

The love for pork has created a large market for pigs. To start pig farming, you need to select the best breeds and then feed them well. The good thing is that pigs do not have a lot of work. You can feed them commercial feeds or food leftovers. However, it is best that you feed them with commercial feeds so that they can mature faster and gain weight.

Pigs mature fast and they can give birth twice a year. They can also give birth to up to 10 piglets. One piglet goes for at Ksh 3,000. If your pig gives birth to 10 piglets, you can sell them and make Ksh 30,000 at ago. A mature pig can go for over Ksh 20,000.

3. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is also on the list of best agribusiness ideas in Kenya. You can rear birds for meat or eggs. There are many hotels and individuals who seek orders for eggs and meat and you can be supplying them. Meat and eggs from kienyenji chickens fetch more money in the market. With a good number of birds, you can be making over Ksh 50,000 per month in poultry farming.

Most people practice poultry farming on a small scale. Chicken is the most reared bird. You can incorporate other birds like turkey, ostrich and ducks. Poultry farming remains one of the best agribusiness ideas to invest in. Make sure to vaccinate your birds when they are young.

4. Hass Avocado Farming

Hass avocados are in high demand here in Kenya and even in the European market. Hass avocados have a short maturity period of 3 years and they do not have a lot of work.

In the Kenyan market, you can sell one Hass avocado at Ksh 10. That means with a good number of trees, you can make over Ksh 100,000 in one harvest. Avocado farming is a long-term agribusiness idea which does not require much of your work. You can plant hass avocados together with other crops.

5. Bee Keeping

Beekeeping is not a common practice in Kenya, thereby making it a profitable agribusiness idea. All you need is to have some beehives which can be made by a local carpenter. You also need other items like gloves, bee suits, gumboots and smokers. You also need some skills to process honey. 

A kilogram of honey goes for Ksh 500 although high quality goes for Ksh 900 per kilo. Honey is harvested after a year after setting up a beehive. The second harvesting can be done after 8 months. Since there are only few people rearing bees, you can be sure to have a large market share.

6. Fish Farming

Fish farming is also not a common practice, making it a good agribusiness idea in Kenya. The demand for fish is high while the supply is low, especially in the highland areas. Some of the best fish species to rear include Tilapia, Catfish and Nile Perch. Make sure that the species you choose to rear can survive in your environment.  

Rearing fish is not a hard job if you have a place where you can rear them. You can rear fish in a fish pond, river, or swamp.

7.  Fruit Farming

Fruit farming is a lucrative agribusiness idea in Kenya. Fruits are healthy and not many people grow them, making it a less competitive agribusiness idea.

There are a wide variety of fruits you can grow like passion fruits, watermelon, oranges, thorn melon, mango and banana. You can be sure not lack a market for your fruit produce. 

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8. Mushroom Farming

Mushroom farming is not a common practice in Kenya. Until recently, people didn’t know that mushrooms are edible. Since then, their intake has been growing immensely. Mushrooms mature faster and they fetch a lot in the market.

You can sell a kilo of mushroom for between Ksh 500 and Ksh 600. If you grow mushrooms on a large scale, you can be supplying them to supermarkets and hotels.


The above agribusiness ideas can help you get into self-employment and you won’t have to seek a job. The demand for agricultural products makes farming a profitable venture. Make sure to choose an agribusiness idea that is profitable in your area. Also, ensure that not many people have invested in the idea to avoid stiff competition that may result in low prices of produce in the market. 

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