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Best Affiliate Programs in Kenya

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of an entity's products to earn a commission. You need to sign up on the best affiliate marketing programs in Kenya to earn a significant commission. Affiliate marketers earn a percentage of revenue from sales made through their affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is an excellent source of passive income for bloggers, social media influencers and content creators through platforms like YouTube.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

To get started with affiliate marketing in Kenya, you need to apply through affiliate networks. When you get approval from an affiliate program, you need to place links or banners on your platform; Facebook, Twitter, or website. You then need to promote your content to have people click the link or banner to make a purchase using your link.

For every purchase that buyers make using your affiliate link, you will earn a percentage of the sale. Note, do not aggressively promote products by requesting people to buy products through your link. You could get kicked out of the program. 

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Leading Affiliate Marketing Programs in Kenya

The following are the best affiliate networks in Kenya.

1. HostFiti Website Builder

  • Commission: 20%-25%

HostFiti is a website builder business that helps business people to create websites. It has the best affiliate program in Kenya. HostFiti affiliate program provides high commission for every successful conversion. Join HostFiti affiliate program and select between videos and banners for marketing.

2. Jumia

  • Commission: 2% to 13%

Jumia is an e-commerce platform operating in several African countries and so far has the best affiliate program in Kenya. The platform connects sellers and buyers, enabling them to sell and purchase. They also offer purchases delivery services to their customers. You can use links and banners on your website, Facebook or Twitter to promote products.

You can join Jumia's affiliate program and select the category of products to advertise. Different products have varying percentages of commission in Jumia affiliate program Kenya.

They include:

  • Phones and electronics – 4%
  • Shoes and clothes – 13%
  • Computing – 5%

3. Travelstart

  • Commission: Ksh 400 flat fee

Travelstart is a platform that helps travelers to get the best destinations. It is the best second best affiliate program in Kenya, offering a fixed commission. Travelers can use the platform to book flights, hotels, vehicles and accommodation. Travelstart is operational in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Their payment options include M-Pesa, electronic fund transfers and credit cards.

Travelstart affiliate program pays a flat commission of Ksh 400 for every successful booking made by a local traveler using your affiliate link. For international travelers, marketers earn a flat commission of Ksh 1200. You can join the affiliate network and run their affiliate marketing using banners, promo code and display banners.

4. Kilimall

  • Commission: 2% to 8%

Kilimall is an online shopping store with presence in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. You can become an affiliate marketer through Kilimall affiliate program. Kilimall sells a wide array of products like clothing, home appliances, fashion, electronics, baby products and makeup. If you are a beginner, you can get Kilimall training to help you make the best out of affiliate marketing.

You need to select products, category or campaign link to use for Kilimall affiliate marketing. The good thing is that they also pay through M-Pesa if you meet the threshold.

5. 22BET

  • Commission: 25% to 45% 

22Bet is a betting company that is used by thousands of website owners for monetization. It has one of the best affiliate programs in Kenya. Their commission is between 25% and 45% on monies that the players you referred lose. This affiliate marketing program is best for bloggers in the sports industry.

6. Betway

  • Commission: 25% to 40%

Betway has an affiliate program that is best suited for sports websites. It is also a common affiliate network that is used by thousands of bloggers. Bloggers earn between 25% and 40% of the money that players they referred lose. Therefore, your earnings entirely depend on the number of players who lose.

The following are Betway commission rates:

  • 0-10 players - 25%
  • 11-40 players - 30%
  • 41-100 players - 35%
  • 101+ players - 40%

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7. iPay Africa

  • Commission: 10%

iPay is a payment processing service and payment platform operating in Africa. You can make payment using VISA, MasterCard, M-Pesa and Airtel money. The good thing about iPay affiliate network is that you will earn a commission throughout the merchant's transacting lifetime.

8. Kenya Pesa

  • Commission: 0.05%

Kenya Pesa is an online platform that you can use to send money to Kenya. You can use it for currency conversion using your foreign accounts. You can even send money to your M-Pesa from your bank account. They have an excellent affiliate program. You earn a commission based on the number of people who register on the platform using your affiliate link.

Summary of the Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Kenya

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate a passive income. You can sign up on the above affiliate programs and start making money online. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to have a large online presence and have promotional skills. You can promote products through products listing, banners and links.

You need to add the links or banners on your website of social media platform to start making money. Make sure to get the best affiliate programs in Kenya that best suits your platform.   

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