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Why You Need to Be a Mechanic If You Own a Car Repair Business

Vincent Nyoike
Vincent Nyoike Experience

To succeed in any business, it requires passion and interest. Just like the English saying, "passion almost always beats talent." I started my motor mechanic business without prior experience. Although I encountered a few challenges in the beginning, having the right team helped me succeed in the business.

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How I Developed Interest for Car Repair Business 

My uncle was a mechanic and he owned a garage and I would visit him frequently. I would watch him fix cars, and I thought it was an incredible skill. I got interested and I requested him to train me. He was often busy since he had an influx of customers who wanted their cars fixed. Therefore, he didn't have adequate time to train me. He suggested I enroll for a motor mechanic course and he would help me gain experience by employing me as an intern.

After finishing my course, I decided to start my own car repair business instead of him employing me as an intern. I didn't have enough capital and so, with a few of my course mates, we raised enough money to start a motor mechanic business.

One of the challenges we faced in the business is that we didn't have enough experience. Most of the time, we outsourced experienced mechanics to help us fix cars. We would watch and  assist in repairing broken vehicles. This helped us gain experience while still growing our business. After sometime, we agreed to part ways and each one of us to start his own mechanic business. Since it was my idea to start the mechanic business, we shared what we had bought together and each one of us went his way. I was more advantaged since I took over the business and it was established by the time.

I decided to hire a qualified mechanic, while I would assist him with minor fixing. This allowed me to learn and also get to interact with my customers. I was mainly involved in marketing and talking to clients while he would do the fixing part.

How I Became a Mechanic

The business was running well until the mechanic started petty behavior. Some of the customers started complaining that some things were missing in their cars after bringing them for repair. At some point, I had to compensate a customer Ksh 5,000 to replace a missing toolbox for a client. I was sure it must have been my mechanic and it is then I decided to fire him.

Since then, I have been working as a mechanic in my garage. Luckily, I had learnt how to fix cars before firing the mechanic. Since then, I have been the main mechanic while I hire other mechanics to assist him in minor fixing.  

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Is Mechanic Business a Good Venture?

With the right team, skills and excellent customer service, motor mechanic business is one of the most profitable ventures you can start today. However, you need to foster a good relationship and develop trust with your clients. On average, I make Ksh 5,000 from my mechanic business.

When starting a mechanic business, make sure to find a business location with a complimentary motor businesses like a car wash or a bus stop. You can benefit from  existing businesses to get customers  without having to market  your business.