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How I Almost Lost Ksh 30,000 in Poultry Farming

Vincent Nyoike
Vincent Nyoike Experience

Poultry farming is a lucrative business if you are experienced in it. Many people are making hundreds of thousands in poultry farming. However, for me, it almost ended in premium tears. I will share with you my experience in poultry farming.

After completing my four-year course in JKUAT, I organized a graduation party in our rural home. From the graduation party, I got Ksh 40,000 as a reward for graduating, which I decided to invest Ksh 30,000 in poultry farming and deposit Ksh 10,000 into my bank account. I didn't know I was taking a huge risk. I decided to invest in poultry farming since we had enough land in our rural home.

I bought kienyenji chicken worth Ksh 20,000; 15 hens and 5 cockerels, each at Ksh 1,000. I knew this was going to be a lucrative venture selling eggs and chicks that were hatched. During the first month, I spent most of my time improving coops for my chicken.

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I made sure that the coops were big enough and there was free circulation of air. I also bought different types of chicken feeds and purchased some troughs that I would use to feed the chicken. It was time to bring in the chicken.

The first month went well and the chicken had started laying eggs. I began supplying eggs to retail shops and this encouraged me a lot and made me work harder.

During the second month, that's when the trouble started setting in. I noticed that some chickens had become weak. Some looked like they were dozing. They stopped laying eggs and this drew my concern. I decided to treat them by myself by making an aloe vera solution. They did not improve either. Instead, the situation became worse. I noticed bloodstains in their droppings. The following morning, I found three hens dead. It is then that I decided to call poultry veterinary.

Unfortunately, he came late in the evening when almost all the chicken had contracted the disease. He told me that the chicken ought to have been immunized early before. He immunized them all. He told me that the disease was not treatable and only a few of the chickens would survive.

I was devastated and disappointed. I wished I had sought advice before venturing into the poultry business. I didn't have much to do other than watch my chicken die. Luckily, out of the 20 chicken I had bought, six survived. I felt I had lost and it was the most depressing time. However, I decided not to give up.

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With the 6 remaining chicken, I decided to be cautious henceforth. Luckily, the 6 had been immunized. With time, they started improving and became healthy and started laying eggs again. Today, I have over 50 chickens from the six that were left behind. I only bought one cockerel since only hens survived.

Poultry farming is just like any other business. There are peaks and times when you can make losses. The best way is to learn from each situation and not give up. Although poultry farming is not my primary income source, I'm happy I make Ksh 20,000 from it every month.

Challenges I Face in Poultry Farming

The major challenge that I face in my poultry farming is chicken being attacked by diseases. Although I almost lost my whole investment to a disease, they are still prone to diseases even after immunizing them. Sometimes, my chickens die due to diseases. To avoid diseases, I have enclosed their coops and before anyone can in, they must be sprayed. This has helped me to keep away the chicken from diseases.

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Low prices for eggs. Many people started poultry farming. Eggs no longer fetch high prices, unlike before when only people were keeping chicken. To make higher prices, I sell my eggs to wholesalers. The advantage is that they buy large numbers of eggs and pay immediately, unlike retailers who have to wait until they sell to pay the farmer.