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 How to Make Money with Alibaba 

Jack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999. It is one of the largest B2B platforms. There are many lucrative Alibaba small business ideas you can start. It is a great way to make money with Alibaba. Alibaba owns affiliate ecommerce platforms like Aliexpress and Tmall, you can also use to generate huge incomes. You can work with Alibaba as a retailer or a wholesaler.

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Profitable Alibaba Business Ideas 

The following are Alibaba small business ideas that can help you make money.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog, you can market Alibaba products through affiliate marketing. It is one of the best business ideas on Alibaba. If you have other platforms, you can recommend your fans to purchase products on Alibaba. For every purchase made using your affiliate link, you get a commission. You need to have a broad audience to succeed using this strategy.

2. Reselling Products

You can do business on Alibaba by buying products in large quantities and then reselling them. You will be like a retailer, whereby Alibaba is the supplier or wholesaler and you are the retailer. It is an easy way to earn profits using Alibaba.

3. Private Labeling  

You can do business with Alibaba by liaising with manufacturers on Alibaba to manufacture products on your behalf. You will brand the products using your business name and sell them as if they are yours. This way, you can get products manufactured at low prices and then you can sell them at higher prices and make huge profits.

4. Buy Goods and Sell them on Amazon

Since Alibaba is a B2B platform, you can purchase products on Alibaba as a business entity and then resell them on Amazon. You can make money on Amazon if you are good at ecommerce business. Amazon is a profitable platform; you can reach a broader customer base.

5. Drop-Shipping

You can do dropshipping business on Alibaba and make a living from it. Alibaba is one of the best platforms for a dropshipping business. It is because you are in direct link with the manufacturers without the help of third parties. It implies that you can source products directly from the manufacturers and resell them.

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6. Sell Products on Shopify

You can use Alibaba and Shopify to do business. If you have a Shopify store, you can purchase products from Alibaba or its affiliates like Aliexpress. You can then resell those products on platforms like Alibaba. You need the skills of how to make money on Shopify to succeed.

7. Currency Conversion

One of the biggest problems buyers have when purchasing goods from Alibaba is currency conversion. You can create a website to help buyers convert currency so that they can trade.

8. Imports Clearing and Forwarding Service

Many business people have problems with importing products from Alibaba to their countries. As such, you can help people with customs clearing service and importation. This way, you will be doing business with Alibaba and other businesses in your locality.

9. Create Alibaba Community Forum

You can create a space for people with a common interest of doing business with Alibaba. Such platforms are essential for discussions relating to how to purchase products from Alibaba. You can help customers with difficulties to create Alibaba account or any address other issues they may have.

10. Business Reviews Services

There is always a problem for buyers to trust retailers and wholesalers on Alibaba. You can research the best retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers and then provide buyers with customer reviews. Whenever you recommend to them the best sellers, they can pay you a small fee.

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Summary of How to Make Money with Alibaba 

There are many business ideas for people wishing to make money on Alibaba. Business ideas are not limited to the ones we have mentioned above. The are many other ways you can make money with Alibaba. You can develop more Alibaba ideas on how to make money.